Eastern Virginia Tang Soo Do LLC
Tang Soo and welcome, my name is Sa Bom Nim Bryan W. Baumgartner. I am the owner and head instructor of Eastern Virginia Tang Soo Do LLC. I have more then 31 years experience in martial arts and have been a certified instructor in Tang Soo Do for over 20 years.

     My life in the martial arts started in Tae Kwon Do here in the Tidewater area, studying under two very well known instructors; one which went on to coach the U.S. Olympic Tae Kwon Do team.

      After relocating with my family to Southwestern Pennsylvania, I was searching for a martial arts school to continue my training; this is where I was introduced to the International Tang Soo Do Federation. Unfamiliar with Tang Soo Do at the time, my instructor showed me what a complete and traditional martial art it was. Shortly after I started training with my instructor, he introduced me to the world renowned Grand Master C.S. Kim, founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation. After training with my instructor, Grand Master C.S. Kim, and other world renowned instructors in the I.T.F., I knew that Tang Soo Do was the martial art that I had been searching for.

     I have competed in many tournaments representing Tang Soo Do, placing 1st in many events, I quickly became recognized by other martial artists from all over the east coast. Some of my most memorable moments were winning back to back 1st place sparring titles in the Tang Soo Do World Championships in Boston, Massachusetts. I also took first place in sparring in the Tang Soo Do World Championships in Atlanta, Georgia by beating competitors from around the world including the United Kingdom, United States and Korea. I have placed 1st in sparring at a very large tournament that had been held at The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey and was even mentioned in an issue of Black Belt Magazine. After years of competition, I have decided to dedicate myself to spreading the great art of Tang Soo Do to others.

     Along with being a certified Tang Soo Do instructor, I am also a proud Veteran of the United States Coast Guard. Combining my loyalty to my country and my martial arts training, I have trained hundreds of military members and law enforcement up and down the east coast, including but not limited to, the United States Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Miami S.W.A.T. team and also serving with and training the United States Coast Guard elite Anti-Terrorism Unit at M.S.S.T. Miami.

     Once honorably discharged from the United States Coast Guard, and serving 9 fantastic years, my family and I returned to Southwestern Pennsylvania. This is where I once again continued my training with my instructor Master Noble. Dedicated to spreading the art of Tang Soo Do, it was time to start a traditional school of my own.

     My family and I have decided to return to the place that I have always called home, Virginia. After looking in different areas, we came to the wonderful county of Isle of Wight. We knew right away that this is the community that we would call home. With support of my family, wife Karen Baumgartner, son Blake Baumgartner, and my brothers and sisters in Tang Soo Do, I bring to you Eastern Virginia Tang Soo Do LLC, a martial arts school based on tradition, respect, discipline, honor, hard work and fun. We offer classes for the entire family at an affordable price with no contracts. I invite and challenge you to start your Tang Soo Do life today. Thank you and Tang Soo.

Sa Bom Nim
Bryan W. Baumgartner