Eastern Virginia Tang Soo Do LLC

     Eastern Virginia Tang Soo Do LLC  is a small, but highly energetic martial arts school. We are located in Carrollton, Virginia at the Eagle Harbor Shopping Center. We offer classes 6 days a week for students ranging from 4 years old to as young as 70+. At no time will you be asked to sign any long-term financial contract. We believe a good martial arts program will keep students by its merit alone.

        Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art. Students can expect to learn honor, respect, self-confidence, self-defense, hand and foot techniques and sparring. Tang Soo Do is also a way of  life that promotes stress management, physical fitness, along with the development of discipline and character.  We expect our students to be good citizens and mentors in the community. We use our training and passion for Tang Soo Do to keep all classes professional, family oriented, informational and FUN.

​​Please feel free to give us a call or just stop in and watch a class. You will see the difference.

(757) 708-0180
* First time students only.
Introductory offer
30 days of training and a free uniform.​​